Dec 17 2022 - Dec 17 2022

Inauguration Museo Logos

The inauguration

On Saturday 17 December the inauguration of the Logos Museum took place at the Convent of San Francesco di Paola, located in Vibonati (SA), which houses the crib exhibition divided into 27 rooms, which traces 2500 years of history, with most significant stages in the life of Jesus, staged through thousands of moving statues.

The founder of the Museum is the entrepreneur Carmine Cardinale, originally from Teggiano, who chose the Convent of Vibonati as the location to set up a Guinness Book of Records museum. To support his initiative, his daughters, Rossella and Erika Cardinale, enthusiastic young entrepreneurs to have ventured into this challenge of great artistic and cultural value. The emotion of cutting the ribbon that allowed the doors to be opened to the public was evident, showing the fruit of many months of work. Even more exciting was the speech of Don Vincenzo Federico, head of Caritas of the Diocese of Teggiano Policastro and trusted man of Bishop Antonio De Luca, who blessed the Museum defining it "a miracle that left everyone speechless". After visiting the Museum which left those present filled with amazement due to the incredible suggestion that the 27 rooms set up manage to evoke, the presentation of the exhibition, which took place in the theater hall of the Convent, moderated by the actor and television presenter Beppe Convertini and by the film director, writer and journalist, Stefania Capobianco. Apri in Google Traduttore • Feed

"Seeing the wonder and amazement in the eyes of the visitors was an enormous satisfaction that repaid all the sacrifices made", declared the entrepreneur Carmine Cardinale on stage, who publicly thanked all the people who worked on the creation of the Museum, declaring its intention to invest all the proceeds in further projects for the benefit of the territory. Rossella Cardinale then spoke and emphasized the importance of the Museum as a vehicle of culture, history and art. "The Logos Museum is usable by a very broad target of people, from children who can admire the artistic quality of each room, up to adults who will certainly also appreciate all the cultural and historical study behind every single scene", he claims Scarlett.

Erika Cardinale also enthusiastically welcomed the museum project, who took up the challenge with the aim of transforming Vibonati into a Guinness town. The Mayor then focused on the precious value that men like Carmine Cardinale have for the area, underlining how much this is only the first step in a much more ambitious project which will benefit all citizens. The Logos Museum is therefore configured as a permanent museum, a location that will host a succession of cultural events with the aim of becoming a place of sharing in the collective imagination where art and history intertwine.



  • Dec 17 2022 - Dec 17 2022

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